21 Dirty Friends Jokes That Probably Went Over Your Head The First Time

Time to rewatch

This most likely explains why we love this show so much

1. This wildly inappropriate burn.

2. This super-sly quip.

3. This filthy misunderstanding.

4. This self-fulfilling prophecy.

5. This horrifying revelation.

6. This fair argument.

7. This subtle humblebrag.

8. This nasty allegation.

9. This filthy use of household tools.

10. This dirty epiphany.


11. This hilarious offer.

12. This epic stage name.

13. This moment of relief.

14. This terrifying use of force.

15. This early night for a ~reason~.

16. This reasonable assumption.

17. This appropriate use of puns.

18. This alternative use of napkins.

19. This open-mindedness.

20. This disgusting joke.

21. And this face.


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