Cute capybara gives birth to even cuter capybara pups

Unexpected birth of four babies left many visitors surprised

The furry rodents
LONDON — One of the world's largest rodents — the capybara — has given birth to four adorable pups at Chester Zoo. The furry rodents, which are often referred to as giant Guinea pigs, are native to South America.

For this capybara, called Lochley, her unexpected birth of four babies, left many visitors surprised, according Chester Zoo's James Andrewes.

He explained: "Lochley gave birth out in the sunshine — her first two pups arriving before the zoo had opened with her second two born a little later, in front of a handful of rather astonished visitors."

Although they are not classified as endangered, they are a highly threatened species due to the decline of their natural habitat.

For the zoo, this might be the first bunch of pups, but it's definitely not the last because another capybara is heavily pregnant.


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