27 Photos Proving That a Kid Left Alone Is a Very Destructive Force

If you have little children, you know perfectly well that nothing is more disturbing than a prolonged silence.

The price of one minute of PEACE :-)

Below 27 photos that show the destructive force that can hide under a few minutes of peace and quiet. And as a bonus, you’ll see proof that children do know not the meaning of the word “enough.”

1. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

2. “She asked to play quietly for 5 minutes.”

3. “I made mud pies and bark sandwiches when I was a kid.”

4. “My 6-year-old son had been asking me over and over, ’Do you need to go to the bathroom?’ and I just found out why.”

5. “This is what happens when you blink.”

6. Butter looks too much like ice cream.

7. Survived the kids’ slumber party.

8. “This is why I don’t like it when my kids are quiet.”

9. “The kids woke up early to help paint the basement.”

10. “I don’t regret anything.”

11. Hurricane Children: fierce and ruthless

12. “My friend’s 3-year-old really wanted that candy she worked so hard for.”

13. Doctors say that developing fine motor skills is very beneficial.

14. “If I don’t get to eat it all, at least I’ll taste a bit of everything.”


15. This sofa is beyond hope.

16. “Feared the worst when my marine-turned-cop neighbor called me saying, ‘Come quick…my kids…there’s *inaudible* everywhere…wife’s gone…’ “

17. Getting stuck in the most unexpected places is another special talent.

18. Dad said there was treasure buried somewhere in the house.

19. “Just about had a heart attack driving home from the supermarket.”

20. “Mom, we wanted to help you assemble all your favorite puzzles.”

21. I wonder if toy department assistants get hardship allowances.

22. “The moment my kids set off the siren in a police car.”

23. For a true artist, the whole world is a canvas.

24. The sound is better this way.

25. Who’s copying whom?

26. It was “Bring a Fish to School” day.

27. “To punish me, you have to punish yourself first.”

Bonus: “When I was a kid, I liked strawberries so much that I would eat them until I got sick. Here is one of those times.”


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