These Barbers Are Out For Revenge

From what I've heard, a lot of men have a close relationship with their barber. These are often people who've been cutting their hair for several years.

Nothing more... ;-)

Which is funny because your close friends are supposed to be honest with you. They're supposed to tell you when you're about to make a huge mistake.

Unfortunately, I'm not so sure these men have that kind of relationship with their barber.

Why does this remind me of tenth grade physics class?

Suddenly, I'm getting flashbacks to the chapter we had to do on sinusoidal waves.

It's not just a fresh cut; it's a minty fresh cut.

Maybe this was one of the dares from 5 Gum's "truth or dare" campaign.

All I can hear is the Microsoft Windows XP startup sound.

And something about the nostalgia attached to it is so very, very soothing.

There is no spoon.

Why does it look like this guy's ready to jump into the Matrix with Neo and Morpheus?

I can come to terms with the rattail in the back, but I'm SO confused about the one in the front.


I also fancy myself a blood-red T-bone.

But, you know, not that much.

When paninis are life.

God, I haven't a panini in years. Now, all of a sudden, I'm starving and craving one.

When she finds out you lied to her.

If you can't trust your barber and you can't trust your girlfriend (or, more like she can't trust you — who's this Stacy person, hmmm?), then what on earth are you supposed to do?

It's not like you can't trust yourself, either.

When it comes to haircuts, men have it a lot harder than I thought.

I never knew it was so important for them to find a trustworthy barber; otherwise, they're left taking things into their own hands, which can end poorly.

Best to just leave it to the honest professionals, boys.


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