15 Pics That Prove Rednecks Are More Innovative Than Apple

Often used to negatively imply a person’s ignorance and narrow-mindedness, the word ‘redneck’ dates all the way back to the nineteenth century when first used to describe the sunburn on the back of a workingman’s neck. Common all over the world, the term has somewhat morphed into a slur and is mostly used in the United States along with other insults such as ‘hillbilly’ and ‘cracker’.

Need an electric toothbrush? Rednecks have a genius solution...

A firm favorite as of late, the name can be seen throughout the media with often negative and unruly connotations. But we are not here to judge. Instead, we are here to show that although rednecks may be associated with bigoted opinions and outrageous behavior, they are also famed for their insightful and ingenious life hacks. That’s right, shocking the world with their perceptiveness of everyday life, rednecks have mastered a number of life hacks.

From cutting grass in a more modest fashion to curling one’s hair, rednecks have everything covered, even somehow managing to invent a new mode of transportation that works in all weathers. Yep, these inventions even rival those at Apple (without the ridiculous price tags of course) and have proven that sometimes even the most underdeveloped of people are still able to use their imagination…

To celebrate the redneck in all its glory, here are 15 amazing redneck inventions that are more innovative than Apple.

15. The Mobile AC

Sick of the blistering heat and long car drives? Is the AC in your car just not good enough?Summer can be expensive, especially with high AC bills and everlasting trips to the pool. So why not save money, as well as the environment, by using only one unit per household. That’s right, if you want to stay nice and cool throughout the summer all you need to do is take the bedroom AC unit to your car window and then attach it back to the bedroom when you are done. Simple. Said to produce wondrous results, the practice is seen worldwide with a number of drivers preferring this method to actual in car air conditioning. Plus, it’s also cheaper! And who doesn’t love that right?

14. The Flash Light Car Light

Picture the scene. Your car lights have broken and you don’t have enough money to fix them. You need your car to drive to work but due to health and safety and the darker winter months, it is too dangerous to drive without secure and safe headlamps. You really need the money and you can’t quit your job. So what do you do? Go to your nearest store and attach two flashlights to the front of your car, of course! Easy to attach (that ever-reliable duct tape again) and much cheaper than getting them fixed, the lights basically do the same job… kind of. Yeah you might be breaking several laws and it might end up more dangerous than having no lights at all, but it’s still cheaper!

13. The Pool Table Pickup Truck

Moving a pool table can be a tricky affair. Weighing anywhere from 200-1000lbs, pool tables are extremely heavy and ridiculously difficult to maneuver. And that’s not to mention all the resembling and dissembling that you have to do before and after. Let’s be honest, nobody has time for that, so why not attach it to your truck instead? All you need is a pickup truck and a pool table and friends that want to play with you. With it sure that you will never have to go through the hard work of moving your pool table again, the truck does all the heavy lifting for you. Plus, you can even take it over to your friend’s house and return with it the same evening! Perfect!

12. The Picnic Table Boat

Not only is summer the best time of the year, but it’s also the most inventive. With scorching temperatures literally burning a hole in your pocket, it is necessary for those to start thinking outside of the box. Doing just that, these guys designed the perfect floating contraption for those who just can’t enough of the water. The picnic boat table allows you to travel whilst you eat, as well as catch some rays while you are at it. All you need to do is attach a picnic table to two floating devices, and away you go. Complete with a large umbrella, to stop you from getting sunburned, the picnic table is a great way to relax in those humid months. Just make sure you pack light!

11. The Beer Can Curlers

The beer can curlers are the best invention on the list for two reasons. One, they encourage the user to drink, and two, you end up looking better than you did before you started drinking! That’s right, all you need to do is buy a six pack of beer, drink the six-pack of beer, and then use the cans to curl your hair while you stay buzzed from the six cans of beer that you have just drunk. Perfect! However, with the invention not only limited to those who are over twenty-one, youngsters can also get in on the action. All you need to do is replace the beer with your favorite soda and get high off the sugar instead. Just remember to take out the curlers before you go out unless that was the look you were going for?

10. The Car Seat Swing

Sadly just like humans themselves, our vehicles are prone to illness, sickness and unfortunately death. However, before we send them packing to the car cemetery, it is important that we use our once trusty vehicles to their full advantage. In fact, why not even have fun with them? Car seats can be made into a number of viable and extraordinary things, from living room chairs to garden ornaments, but what about taking it that one step further? That’s right, all you need are a couple of metal chains and the back seat of your once beloved car. Just attach the chains to the seat and hang it from your porch roof and within seconds you will have your very own old school porch swing, complete with all those car ride memories. You can’t beat that, surely?

9. The Budget Griller

We all love a good grilling in the summer, perfectly cooked meat, beer and glorious summer weather, what’s not to love? However, what do you do when you suddenly realize that your barbecue is broke? Use a shopping cart of course! With shopping carts a common feature of a redneck’s backyard, why not use it further by cooking your meat on it? Easy to clean and store away, shopping carts are much cheaper than the average barbecue and can be found in all grocery stores. And if that wasn’t enough, the shopping cart can also be used in a variety of ways. From placing the cart on his side over the fire pit to putting it completely over the pit with the wheels firmly on the ground. Amazing!

8. The Homemade Hot Tub

Sometimes the weather can be torturous, especially in the darkest depths of winter. An expensive time of year, and the heating bills making a hole in your pocket, winter is not all it’s cracked up to be. So what do you do? Make your own hot tub of course! DIY Hot Tubs bring you your own personal relaxation spa and can even be brought camping. Whether you’re a creative party host or someone who just enjoys the hot warm bubbles, DIY hot tubs are sure to please anyone. An easy way to warm up, hot tubs are also great for those who want to impress the ladies – and men of course. Although it may look dangerous, it really isn’t, as long as you keep all flammable objects away from the scorching trash can and remain firmly in the pool.

7. The Pizza Box Car Window

Pizza really is the god of all foods, it can even fix cars and windows! That’s right, with the pizza box used as a makeshift car window (along with a little tape of course) you’ll never have to fork out for expensive windows ever again. From cars to houses, the pizza box window comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can even cover a whole airplane if needed. The bigger the pizza, the bigger the window! All you have to do is buy the pizza itself, and that’s hardly difficult, right? I mean who doesn’t love pizza?! The gift that just keeps giving, pizza boxes have also been used as sleds in the snow, TV stands,

and dinner plates. Is there anything this superfood can’t do?

6. The Bike Mower

Not only are you saving the environment by making use of old and unusable objects, but you are also saving time that could be spent shopping at the mall or sunbathing shirtless in your backyard. Everyone has an old bike taking up space in the garage in some form or another, so why not put it to use and create a machine that can cut your grass in almost half the time? A common invention among rednecks nationwide, the bike mower can not only cut your grass quicker than you could ever imagine but also help burn off some of those unruly calories from the night before. Yeah, a proper, actual lawn mower could do the job just fine, but what’s the point in doing that when you could do this instead!

5. The Supermarket Snow Sled

Shopping carts are great for a number of things, grilling, a form of transport, and even sledding on the snow. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the correct snow gear, why not just use an old shopping cart instead. Available at all supermarkets across America, the trusty shopping cart can also be found in a number of backyards and dark alleyways. Once you have the cart, tape a couple of skis onto the bottom and away you go. Within seconds you will feel as if you are competing in the winter Olympics, with your very own constructed sled. And if it doesn’t snow? Who cares! Just take the contraption to a steep hill instead and see what happens. It’s basically the same…

4. The Shower Can

Everybody loves a nice warm and relaxing shower, so what do you do when the shower head breaks? Known for their flimsy material and blockage, shower heads can be a nuisance, especially when you keep having to run to the store every few months to buy a new one. So why not use a beer can instead! Great for indoor and outdoor use, the beer can shower head comes in all different shapes and sizes, depending on what kind of beer you drink of course. All you need to do is drink the beer, apply a little duct tape and away you go, a brand new shower head. Yes, it may look stupid, but you won’t be laughing when you’ve saved 30 dollars and have a brand new, colorful and respectable beer can shower head.

3. The Electric Toothbrush

Many people just don’t realize how extremely important it is to use the right toothbrush. Either resorting to the cheapest brush at their local grocery store, or even worse, using the same one for over a year, looking after your teeth has become somewhat of a problem over the years. But are all toothbrushes the same? No! With the electric toothbrush said to offer a variety of advantages, no matter the state of your mouth, as well as a two-minute timer to ensure you are brushing for the right amount of time, it is clear that the electric toothbrush is the way forward. But what if you can’t afford one? No worries, all you need to do is root around on your bedside table and attach the nearest vibrating object at hand.

2. The Beer Can Candle Cake

Birthdays are a time to celebrate, get drunk, and eat cake, so why not do them all at the same time? With beer cans an extremely viable source for home improvements, they are even able to spruce up a standard birthday cake. All you need to create such a wonderful surprise is a six-pack of beer and a few muffin sized cakes. Available in a number of stores, beer cans can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes as well as price, so always make sure you know what you are buying. Place the mini cakes on top of the beer, you can decide whether or not you want to drink the beer beforehand, then place the candles on top. There you have it! Your very own beer can candle cake.

1. The Insulation Cup

These days due to expanding businesses and cooperate conglomerates, heating up your house can be extremely expensive. So what do you do if you need to save a few bucks? Use plastic cups of course! Rather than forking out on pricey insulation for your house, these guys decided to do something about it by using their own drinking cups to their own advantage. Stacked up against the wall to prevent the heat from escaping, plastic cups are seemingly just as good as the real thing. Ingenious. Plus, you’ll always have a container for a beverage, as long as you put it back after you are done that is. Say goodbye to those expensive heating bills and hello to a brand new form of insulation. Only in the United States of course.


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