50 Before & After Pics That Will Make You Reconsider Shaving Your Beard

Movember and No-Shave November are two great causes which help to raise awareness of critical men's health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer, as well as suicide and depression.

 With or without a beard?

Apart from the obvious benefits of getting blokes talking about the issues that affect them the most, this month is a great time to ditch the razor and let the beard roam free.

Scroll down to check out the transformations from baby-face to lumberjack below.
Before And After Beard
Before And After Growing A Beard
Have Fun With This Little Transformation
Before And After Growing A Beard
From February Till Today. Please Take Note Of The Extremely Weak Chin
When Horory Hairs Your Temples Adorn. At Least My Eyebrows Haven't Changed. Comparing 2001 - Age 40 To 2016 - Age 54
Compared To Last Year's Militarily Restricted Attempt, My Participation In Movember Has... Grown
Before And After Beard
This Is What 1 Year Of Growing A Beard Looks Like
Not Sure If Eligible For 'Yeard' As I Trim The Beard On A Regular Basis These Days, But Alas, Here It Is: A Year On Ago Vs Now
Before And After
What A Difference A (B)year(D) Makes
For Me Looking At Old Pictures Is Like Traveling Back In Time And Watching A Mental Movie Of Someone Else's Life
Patience Is Key
Beard Transformation
Here Is Me In 2014 And Now. My Hair Was Bad
Five Months Ago My Company Transferred Me To A Different Location. Lucky For Me There Was No Shaving Policy
An Update On My Beard. 10 Months Cancer Free
That's My Transformation. What Do U Prefer?
Beard Growth Pattern At 23 Versus 28 Years Old. Just Goes To Show That There Is Hope Even For The Latest Of Bloomers
You Majestic Bastards Have Rubbed Off On Me. Picture On Left Is Two Months Ago, Picture On Right Is Today
Once Smooth; Now Rough
My 5 Month Transition From Boy To Man
Kinda Crazy The Difference A Couple Months Can Make
Before And After Beard Season
For Most Of My Adult Life I've Had A Shaved Head And Face, Within The Past 6 Months I've Decided To Try Something New
Traded In A Starfish And A Happy Trail For A Beard And Some Dumbbells
The Difference A Year Can Make. Beard Is Here To Stay
Before And After Growing A Beard
Five Months Over 3 Pics
70 Days Have Now Passed, Mostly Positive Reactions So Far
9 Months Into Bearding. Told Myself I'd Go At Least A Year... Yeard?
About 6 Months Now Between These Two Photos
3 Months Ago I Was Clean Shaven
Before And After Beard
Before And After Beard
My Boyfriend Before And After Growing A Beard
Just Over 2 Years Growth To Clean Shaven To How I Feel Confident
Don’t Think I’ll Ever Keep Just A Mustache Ever Again
Before And After Beard, 24 And 26-Years-Old
Beard Transformation
Before And After. If Anyone Tries To Tell You That Beards Are A Bad Thing, Look What It Did For Me. Left Was Late 2012, Right Was Election Day 2016
Me Vs Me!

Boys Also Can Grow Beard

One Year Bearded! Can't Believe I Made It! Thanks Guys

Three Month Beard Progress: Before/After
Isn't Is Amazing How Chopped Wood Shows Up In The Background After You Grow A Beard?
Six Months Later


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