This Is What Would Happen If Homer Hired Architects To Build His House

With tan-orange walls, attached garage and a spacious loft, 742 Evergreen Terrace is not just a regular suburban tract house, but one of the most iconic cartoon structures in history. Housing none other than the Simpsons family, the famed building appeared in every episode of the show so far with little changes to its design. However, marketing agency NeoMam decided to challenge the classic model and embarked on a creative journey to demonstrate the diverse American architecture styles by transforming the Simpsons house. From Victorian to Art Deco, the series covers a range of most exemplary styles in architecture, while the familiar shape of the Simpsons house serves as the perfect "blank canvas" to showcase different aspects of each arrangement.

 Which one do you like?

1. Victorian


2. Tudor Revival

Tudor Revival

3. Art Deco

Art Deco

4. Contemporary


5. Mediterranean


6. Log Cabin

Log Cabin

7. Cape Cod

Cape Cod

8. American Colonial

American Colonial


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