20 Memes Every ‘Not a Morning Person’ Can Totally Relate To

Ah, memes. Are we not grateful for their existence? Heck, we might even like the idea of thanking the person who invented them. Because seriously, they always make us laugh and, well, laugh some more. But we cannot deny the fact that some of them suck – and their existence is nothing but a joke to the meme culture.

That's so me! :-)

Today, however, we will show you a different set of memes. If you are the type who loathe mornings (okay, you are not a morning person), then these are perfect for you. They surely will accompany you throughout your nocturnal adventures. And not just that, though. You can relate to them, as they actually speak for and sum up your life.

#1. Here is one for starters.

#2. This does make sense, though.

#3. Just a piece of advice.

#4. Story of my life.

#5. “Rise and shine” my a**.

#6. And the rest was history.

#7. Who has friends like this one?

#8. Yup, that is me.

#9. Remember. This. Always.

#10. Told you.


#11. “What do you do, bruh, when you wake up?

#12. Every time. Every freaking time.

#13. Skedaddle you useless birds.

#14. It is indeed a mental battle.

#15. Legend says he is still finding it.

#16. The idea of death is pleasing.

#17. This is so true.

#18. Hashtags. Hashtags. Hashtags.

#19. Radical thoughts. Just radical thoughts.

#20. And my whole life is ruined.


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