Genius Bathroom Cleaning Tricks You Can Learn

Prevent any erosion to the necessary parts inside the tank

Great alternative
We use bathroom everyday, and it turns out to be the most messy place for us to clean. Stained mirrors, shower door glass with soap, dirty toilet and messy tooth brush holders, all are big head-aching chores and labor-intensive process. Vinegar is a great alternative to brand cleaning products, which are often full of potentially harmful chemicals. As we have known the hack before that white vinegar is great for cleaning toilets, but I never thought of pouring it into the toilet tank directly. This is a great way to remove mold and bacteria, which will help prevent any erosion to the necessary parts inside the tank. Other tricks include using tea bags to clean mirrors and ensuring your toothbrush holder never collects gunk or grime again, thanks to your trusty dishwasher.

Ways To Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Today we are going to share another awesome video to clean the bathroom quickly even with the worst stains and mess with common household items. Household Hacker illustrates 7 amazing washroom cleaning hacks to make your washroom its cleanest with the least amount of time and effort as possible! These cleaning tricks
  • Cleaning your mirrors with newspapers and tea
  • Removing water stains on fixtures with the acid from lemons
  • Washing nasty toothbrush holders and soap dispensers in the dishwasher
  • Using vinegar to clean the toilet
  • Keeping your toilet brush clean by adding all-purpose cleaner to the holder (this is genius!)


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