16 Pics To Deeply Disturb Or Oddly Satisfy

Maybe it's the part of your brain that gets weirdly satisfied by the clothes in your closet hanging in order of color. Or the part that just can't handle that section of sidewalk just outside your house because it looks too much like an angry face.

Scratch that itch you didn't even know you had.

Either way, these pics should shake something loose inside your heart!

1. Speaking of which, this heart made of rock and ice.

Personally, I'm saving this image to keep on-hand for my next epic breakup, during the "I hate you on Facebook Messenger" phase. THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME, JANET.

2. Don't get me wrong — I love cheese.

But something about this Edward-Scissorhands contraption is way too threatening. Could be just to keep people like me from walking away with a slice.

3. The cat's never-ending search for the perfect fit continues.

Sometimes, I need to watch a cat — any cat — find something weird to sit in before I can feel whole again.

4. When you get your kid a book and realize it was written by Slenderman.

I don't care how cute it is, you keep your branch-arms in your pockets, thank you very much.

5. It almost seems like a crime to mess up this delicious orb with a spoon.

Not that it would stop me — I guess that would make me a smooth cream-inal.

6. It must be such a common thing for parents to be disturbed by their children.

Imagine this little mutant comes galloping around the corner and you're not mentally prepared for it. Ever seen an adult run for their life from an 8-year-old?

7. The frozen smile on her face says more than words ever could.

It's like each camera flash illuminated the truth of the universe and she can't handle it.

8. The mystery here is how these trees got like this in the first place.

Was there a really awkward tree just off-camera that the rest of them were trying to lowkey move away from?

9. At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to sleep until I figured this one out.

But then I thought, "Wait, what if she has like 8 legs?" and now I won't be able to sleep at all.

10. This Rick and Morty VR workshop is life, but check that Plumbus jiggle.

Weird. Just remember to always push your dinglebop through a grumbo so your fleeb doesn't fill up with its own juice.


11. Few things are as satisfying as this level of thrift.

I heard that cutting the end off can get you a bit more toothpaste, but does it feel this good? Doubt it.

12. When you feel like you're looking good for the party...

...and then you get a look at the first round of photos when they hit Facebook the next day. Untag, untag, untag!

13. If there's a place between beautiful and terrifying, this is it.

But hey, as long as there's a spider out there you don't have to be scared of, it's a good time to be alive.

14. You can't unsee it!

Every time she puts on a pair of nylons, it takes twice as long while she waits for her left knee to let her right knee finish.

15. Sure, it's impressive. But you've made yourself into a monster.

Plus, you can't even call for help without the use of a special dialing wand. Mash the keypad with your palm...now.

16. Never before have benches inspired terror in my heart.

Actually, there was that one time when I found my full name engraved on a park bench in a town I'd never visited before.


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