The Stunning Beauty of these 10 World’s Most Beautiful Roads Will Blow You

Earth is crammed with beauty and one of the most amazing aspects of natural splendor is something we take for granted. Roads!! While traveling through tourist locations we seldom notice the surrounding beauty that a number of roads on the planet have to offer. Rather than being in a hurry to get to a destination, one should soak in the stunning drive that is just as big a visual treat than your destination itself. For those who love traveling by car, here are 10 beautiful roads in the world.


1. Snow Canyon Toyama Japan, Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

The Snow Canyon on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route is almost like travelling through pristine white snow heaven. The mountain sightseeing route between Tateyama, Toyama and Omachi, Nagano Japan was inaugurated in 1971 and is only 37 km long. But the vertical height can be as large as 1975 m. The route has been so carefully constructed so as not to damage the surrounding environment.

Snow Canyon Toyama Japan

2. Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Road South Korea

The Gyenongju Blossom road in South Korea is a visual delight. Stretching 10 km from Gyenongju to Borrum Lake which is equally filled with pink cherry blossoms. April is the best time to visit the area and there is nothing more exhilarating than a bike ride along the road.

Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Road South Korea

3. Metasequoia lined road in Shiga Japan

This 2.4 km road in Shiga Japan connects Makino to Makina Highland in Shiga Japan. It is one of the most beautiful roads in the world and lined with 500 dawn redwoods. Every season is a riot of different color. The road is also one of the 100 New Japan Roadside Tree Views.

Metasequoia lined road in Shiga Japan

4. San Boldo Pass Italy

Among the most beautiful roads in the world, the San Boldo Pass in Italy is a small mountain pass in Veneto that runs between Trichiana and Tovena in the Cison di Valmarino region. The road is 17 km long and ruins at an elevation of 892 ft. The pass itself connecting Val Belluna with the Val Mareno on the southern edge of the Alps is 2316 ft high and is full of loops and hairpin bends.

San Boldo Pass Italy

5. Heavens Gate China

Heaven’s Gate Mountain or Tianmen Shan is a natural arched cave eroded through a Karst syncline. Situated in Northern Hunan Province, China, it is accessed from Zhangjiaje by the world’s longest skytram. This leads to a bus ride on a winding road followed by a set of 999 steps.

Heavens Gate China

6. Amalfi Coast Road, Italy

The Amalfi coast road is one of the most popular biking roads in the world. It follows the shoreline south to Salerno in Italy. As one of the best coastal roads in the world, Amalfi Coast Road stretches 50 km between Sorrento city and Amalfi Village and is best visited in mid-September to October and again in May when it is less crowded.


Amalfi Coast Road

7. Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park is located in South Australia west of Kangaroo Island. It is 110 km west of Kingscote and is a sanctuary for endangered species and geological phenomena. It is the second national park to be declared in South Australia which provides some stunning scenery as you drive on the roads across the park.

Flinders Chase National Park

8. Atlantic Road, Norway

This 5 mile road is almost magical and serves as a scenic bridge with several fishing spots and spectacular viewing points. It was constructed in 1989 and stretches five miles to the Norwegian Islands.

Atlantic Road, Norway

9. Darjeeling to Gangtok, Northeast India

The road from Darjeeling in North Bengal to Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, India is one of the most picturesque drives in the world. With quaint villages along the way enshrouded in romantic mist and immaculate greenery, the sight is pure heaven. The 108 km journey takes about 3 to 4 hours drive by car.

Darjeeling to Gangtok, Northeast India

10. Transfagarasan Romania

One of the most picturesque and beautiful roads in the world, the Transfagarasan Romania is a 55 mile road constructed in 1974 and is one of the highest paved roads in Romania. It starts from the village of Bascov and winds all the way to DN1 and Sibiu.

Transfagarasan Romania


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