These 16 Mannequin Fails Are So Funny For No Reason

You've probably seen store mannequins hundreds of times in your life, but you have never seen them like this.

This made me laugh more than it should ;-)

I honestly don't know what these stores were thinking because none of these mannequins should ever be seen by human eyes — and they certainly don't make me want to buy clothes.

But they are good for one thing: lots and lots of jokes.

1. This mannequin and caption that are actually so relatable.

We've all been in this situation, and that posture is 100% accurate. I do not understand why any store would want a mannequin that looks this bummed out.

2. Um...that's one way to assemble a mannequin, I guess.

Whoever built this mannequin did a great job! They were trying to channel Dr. Frankenstein, right? Because if they were, they nailed it!

3. Whoever came up with this caption deserves all of the applause.

It's so hard being a woman these days and trying to live up to society's high standards of beauty! This look seems particularly unattainable.

4. This mannequin that is so awkward that I'm pretty positive they modeled its pose on my Facebook photos from 2007.

I feel personally attacked by how much this mannequin resembles my bad attempts to look cool in photographs.

5. The best part about this photo is how the other mannequin is having none of it.

"Girl, I am not going through this with you again. Get your life together."

6. Everything about this mannequin is terrifying and wrong.

If I saw this in a store, you can bet that I'd hightail it out of there as fast as I could. I don't need this kind of controversy in my life.

7. Yes, girl! Slay!

I aspire to have the same amount of confidence as this mannequin. She is definitely upstaging her friends in the back, and I am here for it. Do you, mannequin.

8. "I wonder how these clothes would look if I was sprawled out on the ground," said no one ever while shopping.

But I have to admit that this mannequin is truly fabulous.

9. I'm pretty sure if you saw this mannequin in person, it'd be the last thing you ever saw.

Who decided that a screaming child frozen in time would make a good mannequin? I have questions.

10. The perfect mannequin for when you need to buy an outfit for the special cone-headed lady in your life.

You know, when you want to make her feel better about never being able to find a hat that fits.

11. These three mannequins that definitely do not want you to buy clothes.

In fact, they are straight up disgusted by you and by your contribution to consumerism. You should be ashamed.

12. I've got to give this store employee props for really going for it.

Whoever styled these mannequins really went above and beyond.

They were incredibly misguided, but their heart was in the right place!

13. This bride that is definitely a flight risk.

Um, this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life!

This mannequin looks like she's thinking about the easiest way to sneak out the window in that dress.

14. This mannequin that hates their job and has just totally given up.

You literally had one job, but this mannequin isn't even trying. Let's see a little more enthusiasm for that sale!

15. Speaking of enthusiasm, this is more like it!

Wow, these mannequins sure do love their suits! This suit is perfect for the business man who also needs to rock out every once in a while.

And finally, this mannequin that just changed your life.

This mannequin definitely just watched Dead Poets Society and is ready to put those lessons into action.


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