There's A New Tesla Roadster With 620 Miles Of Range

The Tesla Roadster, unexpectedly, is back. The specs that Tesla are claiming verge on the unbelievable. Top speed of 250+ MPH. 0-60 in 1.9 seconds. Range of 620 miles.


To give you an idea of how nuts that is, no production car (not that the new Roadster is a production car, yet) has gone faster to highway speed. Ever. No Ferrari, no Porsche, not even a Koenigsegg.

And that top speed is unreal, too. Never have I felt like Tesla has been veering as close to Vector territory as the company is now. Other cars can top 250, sure, but they’re all powered by gasoline. But hey, other electric vehicles have already whipped into the 230s recently with bigger bodies, so it’s not unthinkable.

And the range, given the size of that 200kWh battery pack, also stretches but does not break belief.

Tesla just put out the pricing of the car on its new official webpage, with a starting base price of $200,000 and a starting reservation of $50,000.

Tesla lists this car as a four-seater with all-wheel drive, making it a rare bird in the automotive world. Not a lot of four-seat, removable top, AWD cars out there. Presumably Elon just completely loves the first-gen Toyota RAV4.


“These numbers sound unreal but they’re not,” is about as Muskian as an unveiling could get short of Elon making a Rick and Morty reference onstage.

More as we get it.


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