Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop the Feeling' video is an LA dance party

Lets the music talk so all you have to do is dance

Vehicles for storytelling
If Justin Timberlake's new single were a PSA, the message would be to just keep dancing.

Since the start of Timberlake's career, music videos have become vehicles for storytelling and evolved into full-length films, but for "Can't Stop the Feeling" lets the music talk so all you have to do is dance.

Timberlake and 14 others – normal people, just like us! – jam to the song around Los Angeles, from solo performances in laundromats and outside fast food joints to loosely choreographed steps under a highway overpass.

Timberlake in particular seems to relish dancing around supermarket aisles and in a diner, and you see flashes of the comedic personality he's demonstrated on Saturday Night Live and spending too much time with Jimmy Fallon.

Still, you can't fight the feeling.


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