Never ending fly for wireless charging drone pad from WIBOTIC

A new world with the Wireless charging drone’s and wireless charging landing pads from

Go, and go, and go, and go, and go, and go...

Imagine for a moment to make nonstop package deliveries over the skies with the drones of you comfort from your home.

Charging Drone Pad

Every drone is equipped with cameras, there fast spinning wings, GPS and the stuff your delivery, but how will the battery last forever this fantastic dream?

This dream now comes true with WiBotic PowerPad!

WiBotic PowerPad

Setup your destination sky road for more faraway points and add on every needed point your wireless charging landing pads for nonstop delivery.

Much longer on air flight times and flexible destination distances with really effortless charging on every weather condition.

Wireless Charging Drone

You can use your wireless powered drones for every use like commercial or industrial needs.

Take you time and watch the video from WiBotic.


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