15-Yr-Old’s Shop Class Table Stuns DIYers Around The World

What did you make for your parents as a child? I suspect it is like the list of many others with things like scarves, holiday cards and ashtrays.

That is fantastic!

The kids that took woodworking classes have set the bar higher than the blob ashtray (sorry folks, it really does look like a blob).

When this 15-year-old kid signed up for woodworking class, he wanted to think outside the box and create a table for his family that would stand out.

He was bombarded with tributes by fellow DIYers on the internet when he began posting on Imgur how he made it.

If anything, he has proven that the possibilities are endless with you put your imagination and creativity into a project.

Here are the steps:

1. It all starts with a simple wooden frame.

2. Then, he adds an inner frame.

3. You can’t have a table without legs.

4. The main parts are together, but the table is about to go through a transformation.

5. A natural stain really brings out the grain.

6. Now, it’s time to install the wiring. Here’s where things take a turn…

7. He installs a mirror and glues LED lights around the edges of the table.


8. Then, it’s time put the top back on.

9. Last but not least, a two-way mirror on top. This is how the finished table looks—unplugged. Now, it’s time to power it up.

10. Voilà—an infinity table!

11. The table can be lit in several different colors.

12. Cool, right?

13. Whatever you put on top endlessly repeats, giving the illusion of a portal to another world.

14. Of course, the table won a grand prize at school. What to say? This is an amazing table!


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