21-Year-Old Russian Genius Claims He’s From Mars.

You never know what someone is going to say when you ask them if they believe in life on other planets.

Do you believe there really could have been life on Mars

On one hand, it’s naïve to think that we humans are the only intelligent life form in the infinite universe. On the other hand, there is little actual evidence to support claims of life on other planets.

Things like UFO sightings or conspiracy theories are often dismissed, or are given worldly explanations.

We may not have proof of alien life forms at the current moment, but is it possible that they have existed in the past?

At 21 years old, Russian “genius” Boriska Kipriyanovich is making headlines lately for claiming that a civilization existed on Mars thousands of years ago — and that he was a member.

It definitely sounds whacky, but is it possible that Boriska is telling the truth? Is life on Mars more than just a David Bowie song?

According to Metro, Boriska was noticeably unique from a very young age.

His mom claims that he was able to speak within two months of being born, and that he could read and write by the time he was two years old.

His parents also say that he has spoken about alien civilizations in great detail since he was a little boy.

While this doesn’t sound unusual for an imaginative youngster, his parents say neither they nor anyone else ever taught him about outer space or anything related to the subject matter.

Today, Boriska is 21 and making headlines by claiming he was a Martian in a previous life. In his words, he has been reborn on earth to save us from the same fate the Martians suffered — a nuclear apocalypse.

In 2007, Boriska was interviewed by Project Camelot and more light was shed on both his genius and his bizarre claims.

He drew what he claimed to see in the universe when he visited earth as a martian thousands of years ago before he was reborn on here as a human.

While Boriska admits that he’s not very good at drawing, some of the details he mentions do make you wonder if he’s telling the truth.

Boris tells The Sun, “I remember that, when I was 14 or 15 years old, the Martians were waging wars all the time so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine.”


Boriska has told his stories to many experts who, according to his parents, agree that there is no way he could make it all up.

According to Boris, the Martians were wiped out by a mutually assured destructive nuclear war.

Boriska has spoken out again lately due to some parallels with what is going on in the international arena today. In other words, he’s concerned with our safety.

He also says that he isn’t the only person like him on earth, and that there are other children who were sent here to save us from ourselves.

Again, Boriska’s story sounds a little far fetched, but Mars is famously hypothesized to have been able to support life.

For example, this photo shows evidence of an ancient and dried out stream on the planet’s surface.

Some people believe Mars had potential to support life thanks to the abundance of water that used to exist on the planet.

And the theory goes, where there is water, there can be life. Still, there isn’t much evidence other than Boriska’s word for what he claims to be a highly intelligent society.

Whether you believe Boriska or not is a matter of choice. Do you think he’s the real deal?


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