These 11 Innovations from Children Will Blow Your Mind

Children continue to inspire, surprise and infuriate parents on a daily basis. The unique and unfettered way they can look upon the world is a joy to behold. Sometimes though their actions go above and beyond and we see their real potential for creativity. The following are a collection of fantastic, nay, amazing child inventions.

Look how creative children can be! :-)

1. DIY Home Cinema

Our first entry on our list of amazing child inventions is this bad boy. You will see similar concepts further down the article but this one takes the biscuit. We would really love to see the inside of the box. We do wonder if the experience would be more immersive with some speakers to make a kind of surround sound. Genius kid invention.

My Son Tells Me He Made A Home Theater

2. Heads up and hands-free smart device holder

While the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, this gem certainly impresses. We are not sure if this is the first time this concept has developed in the age of smart phones or not, but this kid is probably going places. Or not, he may never move, to be honest.

Why would he need to? Apart from going to the toilet, charging the phone, plugging in headphones and maybe washing, in theory.

This Kid Is Going Places

3. Heads up and hands-free smart device holder V2

Hold the phone! (Or in this case, don't!) Seems another intrepid inventor has already made the necessary upgrades to the last original concept. The solution is very straightforward indeed, just replace the table with some tie wire. A pure, unadulterated example of amazing child inventions!

This solution cured most of the fallbacks of the previous version. Of course, he'll still need to get up when nature calls.

A Meter Of Tie Wire Will Do The Trick

4. Natalie's smart-device Acousticon

We made the name up but we think the idea might have legs. Anyway, mobile phone speakers are generally pretty disappointing. No longer with Natalie's home made mobile phone sound improver. Imagine the power of collaboration with the home cinema kid? Mind, blown.

Credit where credit is due, this is a genius kid invention. We are a little suspicious of the build quality though. She might have had some help....

Phone Not Loud Enough Natalies Got You Covered

5. Trendy Lego Tablet Holder

Lego is awesome, no arguments. It truly does release a child's imagination and can be used to craft some fantastic contraptions. When this child was asked to get his mother an iPad Holder for the kitchen we doubt she could have expected this. What a great example of amazing child inventions.

It even has "Mum" written in Lego or is it "Non". Actually is this kid "trolling" his mum, and in French no less? Genius child.

I Asked For An iPad Holder For The Kitchen And Got A Lego One With Mom On It

6. Poke Glo Buttons

If you have ever read the biography of some super-rich entrepreneur, there will be some tales of their childhood business ventures. This kid is the pure embodiment of that. He's spotted a gap in the market and succeeded in filling it.

Though the product might be a little "amateur" in design, the very idea of his little venture is pure gold. We do hope he sold some. This kid might be someone to watch in the future. Alan Sugar would be impressed.

This Kid Is Is Genius

7. Labor/time-saving grass cutter

No one, especially not a child, actually enjoys doing home chores. The savviest of parents will often outsource certain tasks to the more impressionable. It's a time old and reasonable use of child labor, fact. Most children will groan and moan, whilst others will see an opportunity. Look at this bright spark with his gambit for consideration on our list of amazing child inventions.

Just look at this bright sparks solution to getting the grass cut quicker and more efficiently.


My 9YearOld Cousins Invention I Think He Did Good

8. Balloon powered toilet roll with wheels

This kid might just keep Elon Musk await with worry at night. Who need's overly complex electric cars when you can make an alternative on a budget. And you can use many household items, some that are general waste. What a great example of amazing child inventions.

OK, this prototype might not be ready for commuting to work just yet, or indeed carrying a human, but the concept is proved. The future of automobiles might be very different to what we have come to expect. Good on ya kid.

Balloon Powered Car Ready To Roll At School Today

9. Three glass to two drinker adaptor

How can three glasses of water be drunk by two people at the same time? These kids have the answer to this time old problem it seems. With the clever use of some tubes and rubber pipe attachments, they might have "invented" the most efficient hydration device of all time.

Good lads, you'll go very far in life indeed.

These 11 Innovations from Children Will Blow Your Mind

10. Hair Clip Handheld Mini Ballista

Oh yeah, that sounds fantastic, doesn't it? This little genius took the common and garden hair clip and powered it up, literally. Using some common household items, a little ingenuity, and some string this kid sold them for $10 each. Granted the concept of Ballistae is not original but the method of construction deserves a nod.

Frankly, it looks great and if it works, all the better. We are not actually being sarcastic, for a change.

Mini Crossbows Made Of Hair Clip my Kids Sold Out For 10 Each Their Friends Loved It

11. The Grab it All

The Grab It All

Let's finish our list with this incredible device. The "teeth" can be used to grab most things whilst the back of the head has some "Velcro" for clothing. The ultimate home two-for-one grabbing tool.

His parents must have been proud and so are we. Absolutely fantastic.

Children are awesome and doubt we see the last of these kids. Our list of amazing child inventions is but a taste of the creativity of children. If you are a parent we'd be incredibly pleased to hear about your offsprings creations.


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