DIY Clothespin Air Freshener

This is one of those tricks which always put you in awe

Various odors
Most of us have air fresheners in our cars to make the air smell good, the car is the utmost place where there are various odors inside especially when it is exposed in the Sun. While we are probably not aware of the numerous chemicals that air fresheners contain, which are not good to our health. You won’t believe that a simple clothespin can help you get rid of the unpleasant smell in your car or bathroom, all you have to do is to take a little clothespin and put some drops of essential oil on it. The odor will be absorbed from the wood, so when you put it on the car, the lovely scent will start to be released.

This is one of those tricks which always put you in awe of how you never thought of that. Using nothing more than a clothespin and some essential oil we will show you, how you can use the HVAC system in your house, car to fill the entire place with natural aroma.

shows us how to make our own air freshener with a clothespin by covering wood clothespin with essential oil of our preference and attach it to the air vent in the house. The scent will circulate throughout room when we turn on HVAC system. Such as the Lavender oil fora baby’s nursery or a restless, stressed out adult’s room, or any other room. This can make a big addition in your living. This trick works in your car too. A Lemon Oil is perfect to make your fresh while driving your car! Let’s check it out:


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