40 Pictures Of Things People Born After The Year 2000 Will Never Understand

Growing up in the '90s was interesting. Technology at this point was booming, but if you look back at this time period now, it's comical how we used to live. They were first-world problems!

This is almost antiques ;-)

1. A scratched CD was probably the worst thing that could've happened to you.

Didn't matter how many times you blew on it and rubbed it, your songs would still skip.

But you still put it in anyway, hoping that your favorite song didn't skip.

2. If you had one of these, then you are pretty amazing.

This just proves that you are on top of your music, and you're always downloading the hottest and newest songs.

I used to have mad respect for people with the biggest book of CDs.

3. VHS tapes were awesome, but they were so annoying to use.

Seriously, it was such a hassle. Watching a movie used to be a lot of hard work. Trying to wind that VHS tape/film back after it unraveled in the player was definitely a workout.

4. OH NO! This picture is reminding me of so many awful memories.

The flashbacks are just too much for me to handle at the moment. I wonder how much time I wasted on rewinding cassette tapes.

The horror, the horror.

5. When you get a cellphone plan now, it usually includes everything. Like unlimited texting, unlimited minutes, and some data!

But back in the day, it was a whole other story. Making a call required some strategic planning.

Thankfully, not many people have to deal with it. Young kids will never know the struggle!

And honestly, that's a struggle they don't need to go through. It's ridiculous. Let's never go back to those days. PLEASE!

6. Butterfly Barrettes

These barrettes totally gave you butterflies as a teen — but now? Not so much. While still super nostalgic, I think it is safe to assume that we all think these are best left in the past.

7. I do, I do!

My pockets were bulging all the time. You needed the iPod; it's not like your phone could hold any songs. Could probably hold five songs, maximum.

8. Those were the good old days!

Now my phone loses its charge after five minutes. It's so annoying.

I feel like I'm constantly charging my iPhone all the time. I don't want a Nokia phone, but I wish my phone had a Nokia battery life.

9. If your Nintendo or Playstation game didn't work, you knew what to do!

All you had to do was blow, blow away. Now you were ready to have some fun!

I literally did this all the time. It just became a habit, even when I didn't need to.

10. I have to say, one great thing about being alive today is that my pockets aren't continually stuffed with things.

Because I don't think a CD player could fit into my jeans pockets.

11. These kids will never get a chance to slide the metal thing.

And I feel so bad, because it was pretty fun to play with. RIP to floppy disks. They were harder to lose than USBs.

12. This whole controversy...

But if you were born before 2000, you already know that downloading music was not easy at all. The amount of viruses my family computer got was kind of ridiculous.

13. This fossil is literally the epitome of the '90s.

I wonder why Rachel and Chandler were the friends chosen to represent Microsoft Windows 95. I mean, sure, Chandler was the "statistical analysis and data reconfiguration" guy, but Rachel???

14. RIP to this type of romance.

Does anybody even do this anymore? So unfortunate! John Cusack set a very high standard, and I guess it's hard to measure up to this nowadays.

15. Here it goes — when I was a kid, Nickelodeon was where it was at!

They were basically responsible for making brightly colored goo popular, but now their company looks like some generic motel or somethin'.

16. That moment when you set up your VCR record and your show played back this madness.


This would be such a devastating moment. Hope you can catch a rerun!

17. If you get this reference, you probably had a pretty great childhood.

Let's just bask in this peaceful memory before we start waving our canes up in the air about how the times have changed.

18. Oh, the memories this brings back!

This was my favorite MTV era. They actually played music like all the time! Shocking, I know. Kind of wish we could go back to this.

19. We just called these "TV's" but now they're known as "tube TV's," I think.

Point is, there were a few glorious days in the school year when we saw this bad boy busted out!

20. Cereal used to be so much more fun, man.

Whatever your jam was, we all know the most important part was the toy inside! Do they still have toys in cereal? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

21. We didn't have Minecraft — we had Minesweeper!

It's totally different and confusing and probably a large reason for our collective anxiety. I still have no idea how to actually play this.

22. We didn't have much to keep us entertained when we had to run errands with our parents, but we kept ourselves amused.

Just grab a pile of these and hand them to your mom like, "here!"

23. Okay, so I know they brought back French Toast Crunch recently, but for a while it was only a 90's thing!

I guess 90's nostalgia finally won out! It's a powerful thing!

24. Remember trying to keep all these alive?!

Now we judge people based on Tinder profile pics, but back in the '90s, we'd highkey judge someone if they couldn't keep their Tamagotchi alive.


25. If you really wanted to be ballin', you started Poké Ballin'!

I also have no idea how to play this game, but man did I have a ton of those cards.

26. Cher Horowitz will always remain an immortal teenager in our eyes, but Alicia Silverstone is now 41 years old.

Bonus: Clueless came out 22 years ago and Paul Rudd still looks the same.

27. Sometimes I block some memories out of my head, and my parents following a map is one of those memories!

It would take us forever to get to a destination because we would spend more than half our time getting lost.

28. I don't even know what this is other than some other form of fidgetry — but our desks were filled with these.

Endless hours of poking fun at your fingertips... yay?

29. Blockbuster was basically the Netflix of its time, but it was a magic place you could actually go to and smell.

For some reason, I'll never forget the smell of Blockbuster.

30. When my dad broke this out, I knew that I would be having a great night.

Also, Blockbuster was the place to be on a Friday. Rent out a couple of movies to watch over the weekend, and I guarantee you, it would be lit. I wonder if some people still owe Blockbuster late fees.

31. McDonald's Cookies!

Kinda like Animal Crackers with a slight lemony taste, right? And you had to collect all the different boxes. Man, I could make myself ill on these things right now.

32. Kids will get in trouble for texting in class now, but we used to get in trouble for basically being assassins.

Passing notes, paper planes — there were no limits to our paper abilities.

33. We don't even need to go all the way back to our childhood to see how much has changed.

I must've gotten my first cell phone maybe 10 years ago?

34. And lastly — goo! What ever happened to all the goo?

We had Gak, Floam, Snot, and a board game called Gooey Louie! Honestly, I could go on! #BringBackTheGoo

35. In a sense, we've always had fidget spinners.

There was no limit to what we could invent when we were bored. Just be careful not to biff your arm with it!

36. Ahh yes, the original.

However, the finger balance bird required finesse and patience, unlike kids these days who just want to spin things fast! Oh god, do I sound old yet?

37. We definitely have Fruit Gushers to thank for this terrifying fruit-head trend.

TBH, those snacks were the best thing ever — next to Dunkaroos and Fruit Roll-Ups of course.

38. Because of phones these days, this may never happen in class again.

There was something about passing notes. Even though there might just be scribbles written down, they were so much fun to pass around.

And the thrill of getting caught made it even more exciting!

39. Trying to untangle an angry knot of phone cord.

Or just pulling the whole base off the table when you answer it. Also, if you were mad at someone and wanted to hang up on them, this was the phone to do it on. That was dramatic.

40. Every show in the '90s was full of amazing clapbacks you know we wouldn't be able to come up with today even if we tried.

They were constantly hitting each other with sick burns.


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