Flopstarter Is A Crowdfunding Platform For Comically Bad Ideas

Flopstarter unveils a series of twisted inventions which would never appear on Kickstarter. Imagined by writer Oli Frost as a platform for bad ideas, Flopstarter also offers its visitors a chance to submit their concepts. The inventions can even be backed with real money.

Even bad ideas deserve attention :-)

1. Natural Death Beef

Natural Death Beef

2. Cloud Fallen Water

Cloud Fallen Water

3. Reverse Viagra

Reverse Viagra

4. Anklehub


5. Nytol Lattes

Nytol Lattes

6. 15 Second Meals

15 Second Meals

7. Potato Jacket

Potato Jacket

8. Fairtrade Weed

Fairtrade Weed

9. Vintage Food Market

Vintage Food Market


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