Awesome Underground Home Parking Solutions With Car Lift

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to install a Cardok garage on their property. Yes, for the lucky few who are just plain rich, it is a toy, a luxury. However there are also those who live in cities and who have limited space by their home which stops them from building a conventional garage. That is where Cardok comes to the rescue and provides a brilliant solution to a perennial problem.

Is this the perfect solution to all parking problems?
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Because of the way so many of us live life today, a two car family is not unusual, yet a small driveway with enough parking for only one car , or too narrow to park side by side, is often all that is on offer. Of course if you are like so many people, a garage isn’t for a car but instead is a place to store things, from a boat to sports equipment and everything else in between. Often these are bulky items which just don’t fit into a normal house.

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The idea first surfaced in the 1920’s, but it was not until 2004 that a Swiss firm, based in Geneva, brought the idea into reality. Over time they have managed to create a hydraulic system that is capable of lifting 3 tons on each platform and which takes only 30 seconds to raise, with two cars still on board.

The dock is remotely operated from the comfort of your home or while in your car, making it ideal for when the weather is so bad. Should you be fortunate enough to decide to install a Cardok, the whole process takes approximately 14 weeks to do all the ground work, and 5 days to install the actual lift.

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The idea has proved popular from its inception and the company is now expanding worldwide, looking for agents across the globe, having installed units in the UK and throughout much of Europe, plus as far away as Australia.

As those who are interested in the idea are discovering, despite the fact the unit requires planning permission from your local authority, they have been well received as they solve the problem of overdeveloping a plot or obstructing a neighbor’s right to light. Cardok also point out that installing a Cardok also increases the value of the property where it has been installed.

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