14 Pets That Look So Much Like Food

You Will Literally Want To Eat Them

Anybody feeling hungry?
There's nothing cuter than an adorable puppy or kitty.

Sometimes, other people's—let alone your own—pets are so outrageously cute, you just want to eat them up. Then there are other times you literally want to eat pets because chihuahuas look a lot like muffins.

As a writer and collage image specialist, I have the power to make you see as I see—which is, perhaps strangely, that our adorable little furry companions often look suspiciously like tasty, tasty treats. And thus, here are seven adorable pets who are the spitting image of some of your favorite treats.

1. This cat, who you might easily confuse for a tasty golden-brown marshmallow

Cats: they go great with graham crackers and chocolate.

2. This dog, whose resemblance to a chocolate sprinkled cupcake is uncanny

But only in the nose. The question is: what did this puppy get into?

3. This puppy, who might as well come in an Entenmann's box

You're the cutest, tastiest puppy I ever saw.

4. This poofy dog, who looks dangerously close to a snowball cookie

And I really mean dangerously close. This dog is fun size—you could probably eat him in one bite.

5. This tightly-wrapped kitten who should just live inside a Chipotle bag

6. This outrageously fluffy bunny, who I'm still not entirely convinced isn't cotton candy

I swear I saw that thing on a stick at the county fair.

7. This adorably golden pup, who could just as well be sold by Hispanic street peddlers as a delicious churro

Mmm, golden and delicous.

8. This bizarre-looking dreadlocked dog, who you'd easily mistake for a steaming plate of fettuccine alfredo

It's called a Komondor, and it's shockingly not an Italian dog.

9. This pup, who you belongs in a bakery window

Oh li'l Shar Pei, you're so buttery and flaky!

10. This hedgehog, who has more than once been mistaken for the infamously stinky durian fruit

Hey buddy, what are you doing not hanging from a tree?

11. This toucan, who you could very well inadvertently stick in your freezer because you assumed he was a popsicle

I really, really want a rainbow popsicle right now. Too bad they're only native to the Amazon rain forest.

12. This little teacup pig who, come to think of it, you may have accidentally eaten while rooting around a tin of macaroons at your grandmother's house last weekend

13. This doggy, who is really just a pint-sized coconut cake

14. This bloodhound, who you'll really want to keep away from your kids on a hot summer day because he's a scoop of melting chocolate ice cream

Mmm, what a tasty, tasty pup.


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