11 reasons why your 50s will be your best decade yet

You’re not afraid to speak your mind

A taste for the finer things in life
1. By the time you’re in your 50s, you’ve developed a taste for the finer things in life…

2. And know what suits you and what doesn’t in the fashion stakes

3. Your other half is actually looking pretty good with those flecks of grey – hello silver fox!

4. You’re not afraid to speak your mind…

5. In fact, confidence comes much more easily nowadays

6. You’ll find with your kids, you’re not just ‘mum’ anymore – you’re a friend, too

7. And chances are, you’ll be having just as many new adventures as them to share!

8. You may have a little more free time – the perfect excuse to join a club and meet some new pals…

And if these new-found friends like to bust a move on a Saturday night, even better!

9. But nothing quite beats the friends that have been there every step of the way…

10. You’ve learnt that it actually doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you, apart from yourself

11. And if you take a tumble?

You get right back up again. You’ve been there before over the years – no biggie.


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