31 evil cats with deadly intentions

My cat is trying to kill me!

The cat, who has lost his faith in humanity
1. This cat, who ‘just wants to chop some onions’

2. These cats, who don’t take too kindly to being likened to savoury snacks


4. This cat, who has developed a peculiar new hobby…

5. This cat, who was really looking forward to his Ben & Jerry’s

6. This cat, who has lost his faith in humanity

7. This cat, who wants your baby

8. This cat, who has been practicing judo

9. These suspicious-looking cats


…You can see the guilt in their eyes

11. These cats, who have had enough of playing dress up



14. This cat, who has been watching so many episodes of Breaking Bad, it’s started to destroy his soul

15. This cat, who has been busy breeding devil kittens to take over the world

16. This cat, who was humiliated by a cardboard box

17. These cats, who are becoming masters of camouflage in order to carry out their evil masterplan



20. This cat, who thinks he’s a secret assassin

21. This cat, whose be slowly sabotaging you via social media

22. This cat, who is suffering from paranoia

23. This cat, who doesn’t like bath time

24. This cat, who just found out what happens when you get neutered

25. The mother of these kittens

26. This cat, who’s been playing too many violent video games

27. This cat, who doesn’t want you to breathe, ever again

28. This cat, who has developed supernatural powers

29. This cat, who was just born evil

30. This cat, who takes after his daddy

31. This cat, who has just been laying low, silently plotting your demise

So just remember, while your kitty might look all sweetness and light…

They’re watching you. Always.


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