Little Girl Makes A Friend On The Farm And Brings Her Home To Surprise Mom

You can’t exactly be angry at your kids for being “creative”

Some days it’s tough to be a parent
Kids can do some pretty crazy things while adults are looking the other way!

You may think that they can’t get into much trouble, because they’re so small, but more often than not, they begin to pick up on little tricks that can get them out of trouble with mom and dad. Around the time they’re toddlers, kids start to learn how to tell some pretty tall tales and get caught red-handed, just like these hysterical little kids did in this video.

While you can’t exactly be angry at your kids for being “creative” in their little stories and questionable actions, there is no denying that some days it’s tough to be a parent, like when kids do something like these two troublemakers did while their mom was in the shower. In the next video, we see one little girl in Pennsylvania who might just be a little too friendly when it comes to letting just about anyone through her family’s front door.

When Mom wasn’t paying attention in another room, this adorable 5-year-old brings a gigantic cow into the house and lets her plop right down on their kitchen floor. You have to smile at their sweet bond, but here excuses are just ridiculous!


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