33 Nightmares Bridesmaids Must Face

Whether four nights in Vegas is too much or too little

At the end of the day, you know it was totally worth it
1. Budgeting for the seemingly endless parties you’ll have to attend.
2. Navigating through the politics of who the maid of honor will be.
3. Wishing you could pass your job off to a wedding planner.
4. Wondering if you should push for a #NoBridesmaids movement.
5. Working together with the other bridesmaids that you barely know.
6. Having to buy shoes someone else picked for you.
7. Trying to get a single decision out of a bridechilla.

8. Finding out +1s are for “serious relationships” only.
9. Feeling the pressure of dieting leading up to the wedding.
10. Hoping the bride doesn’t notice that you are un-crafty.
11. Wondering if a penis cake is required for every bachelorette party.
12. Finding out the bride’s mom and aunt are joining the bachelorette party.
13. Hoping the bride-to-be doesn’t think the bachelorette party is lame.
14. Questioning whether four nights in Vegas is too much or too little.
15. Accidentally uploading a photo from the bachelorette party that you really, really shouldn’t have.

16. Thinking, “please don’t make me do a speech.”
17. And if you’re the maid of honor, forgetting to write your speech.
18. Getting an up-do and having more bobby pins in your head than actual hair.
19. Or being the only one with short hair and having a stylist who is “at a loss.”
20. Figuring out how to hold a bouquet without looking awkward.
21. Wondering, “Am I slouching?” as you walk down the aisle…
22. … and then reminding yourself, “DON’T TRIP!”
23. Worrying that your mascara is going to smear all over your face because you’re crying so many happy tears during the ceremony.

24. Wondering if you’ll ever get married too.
25. Summer wedding sweats.
26. Making conversation with mostly strangers during the receiving line.
27. Resisting the urge to get drunk at the reception.
28. Forgetting to save the bride appetizers.
29. Wondering how soon you can take your shoes off.

30. Being placed next to a former cheerleader in a bridal party jump photo.
31. Forgetting to use the wedding hashtag.
32. Accidentally ripping your $250 chiffon dress during the reception and thinking “guess I really won’t wear this again.”
33. Having to stay to the bitter end, even though all you want to do is go to sleep.

But despite all the struggles, at the end of the day, you know it was totally worth it.


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