Go Below Sea Level With These Gorgeous Underwater Photos

Stunning underwater photography series

The work advocates for the importance of wildlife conservation
Writers and artists often use images of large bodies of water to symbolize the unknown. One look at nature photographer Jorge Cervera Hauser’s photography, though, and it seems that the ocean and its inhabitants are something Hauser knows incredibly well:

Some fish swarm together for protection, but they more accurately just become a feeding ball for nearby predators.

The majestic sea turtle can live in excess of 100 years.

A young croc peeking out above the water line.

Pods of dolphins are often seen playing when not feeding.

This shark has a couple of unlikely companions.

Deep sea divers experience things most of us can only dream of.

Sometimes you just need a rest, even if you’re a crocodile.

Pilot fish keep sharks free from parasites.

The underwater world holds a wide array of vibrant colors and exotic species.

An artistic composition of a shark from above.

Crystal blue waters and a cruising shark.

Stunning black and white photo of a pair of dolphins.

A hammerhead shark swimming.

Artistic black and white of a cruising shark, from below.

Terror of the oceans, the great white shark!

Schools of tuna can number in the thousands.

For many the massive great white shark will always conjure memories of the movie Jaws.

A dolphin swimming upside down looks as though it is jumping out of the water.

Black and white image of a ray burring into the sandy ocean floor.

Hauser’s stunning underwater photography series builds on a body of impressive work. He has held several prestigious titles during his career, including ambassador for the Discovery Channel’s campaign “Celebrando México” (Celebrating Mexico), producer of the nature documentary México Pelágico, co-director at the non-profit Pelagic Life, and executive producer at Calypso Media.

Recently making this underwater photography gallery available on Behance, Hauser invites us to bear witness to a world that few are able to experience. The work isn’t just about aesthetics, though; Hauser’s work also advocates for the importance of wildlife conservation.


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