8 places you should visit before they vanish

Some of the most spectacular parts of the world could disappear

A list of 8 places you should visit before they disappear off the map
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

It is the largest living organism on the planet, with more than 2000 kilometers of reefs, atolls and islands, and that can even be seen from space. The rise in ocean temperature is causing serious damage to the largest coral reef in the world. The increase recorded is causing the corals to release their symbiotic algae responsible for its beautiful green and bluish hues. Thus, the colonies are whitening and consequently leading to the death of the main habitat of marine life in the world.

The Alps

One of the most chic and popular skiing destinations, the Alps, seems to be more land than snow every year. In France, the snow in Mont Blanc drops four meters annually, and at the Austrian hills the snowy peaks are shorter and avalanches happen more often. To make matters worse, the precipitation will tend to be more frequent as rain than snow.


The situation is so critical that they’ve already planned to purchase new land that can house the island nation. The Maldives, a sanctuary for beach tourism, is being engulfed by the ocean and could be completely underwater within 20 years. The highest point in the country is only 2.4 meters above sea level and it is estimated that an increase of a few centimeters of the ocean may already be enough to engulf a significant number of the 1,200 islands.


Tuvalu is one of the tropical countries in the Pacific, and is the nation most prone to suffering the effects of global warming. Some villagers are already being forced to flee to New Zealand due to higher sea levels. According to the most pessimistic studies, 50 years is enough for the country to be completely underwater.

Venice (Italy)

One of the most romantic cities in the world is facing the threat of gradually being taken over by water. Since 1900, the water level raised 13cm and floods submerging public places such as the Piazza San Marco are more constant. Furthermore, all the water going through the houses are causing huge damages to walls and the pipelines.


Known for being the place where 150 years ago Charles Darwin created the theory of evolution, this beautiful archipelago in Ecuador, home to an infinite variety of animal and plant species, is in big risk of seeing all its greatness in animal life disappearing due to out-of-control tourism and increased population growth in its 58 islands.


The island of Madagascar, Southeast of Africa, is the largest island in the continent and well known for having the biggest biodiversity in the world; over 90 percent of its wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth. The island’s unique ecosystems and diverse wildlife are threatened by rapidly growing human population which exploits the island’s natural resources.

Dead Sea

The existence of the Dead Sea, located in the lowest point of the earth’s surface is threatened by the steady decrease in the water level due to strong evaporation. This is unfortunately not being compensated by the flow of the rivers that flow into it, agricultural activities and the extraction of industrial minerals.


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