How to DIY Easy Tissue Paper Flower

It’s simple and helpful not only for gifts

Top your present with a flower like this
Looking for a perfect topper while wrapping a gift that is easy to handle with materials at hand? This is the right one for you. It’s simple and helpful not only for gifts, but home and party decoration.

And it requires only 4 steps: fold, cut,fasten and arrange, as easy as breath!

Materials you need:
  • Tissue paper: (5) sheets tissue paper, cut to 7" x 12"
  • Flower wire: 12" long
  • Scissors

1. Cut your tissue paper to size and place short side in front of you.

2. Fold accordion style in 1" folds until your tissue paper looks like this:

3. Cut ends of tissue paper into half circles, like I did in photo below, or cut into points for a different effect.

4. Fold floral wire in half and place in the middle of tissue paper. Twist ends to secure.

5. Carefully pull up the first layer of tissue paper.

6. Continue pulling each layer up toward the top until all layers of tissue are separated and flower is formed.

7. Now, to wrap the present. I've mentioned it lots of times before on the blog - my favorite way to wrap presents is with simple Kraft paper. I just love the natural look of it and it makes a great background for almost any color of ribbon or bow.

8. Attach flower to ribbon and your package is ready.

Make a few flowers at once to keep on hand and the next time you need to wrap a present, you will be ready!


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