Tiny Earbud Translates Any Language Spoken Instantly

Communicate with anyone in the world whenever we want

The company behind the Pilot
With all the modern technology today, we can communicate with anyone in the world whenever we want. There’s one big problem, not everyone speaks the same language. There are tons of text translators out there, and they do a good job sometimes, but there isn’t any technology on the market that quickly and effectively translates speech in real time, until now. Called the Pilot, one company has created a tiny wireless earbud that fits in your ear and translates the language you hear into the language you understand.

The company behind the Pilot, Waverly Labs, is set to launch an Indiegogo campaign in a few days, so be on the lookout.

Pilot was created in order to break down the language barrier across the world. Using this device,real-time communication can occur without the need to study a new language when you want to travel to a new place. By far the best applications for this will be those who are looking to travel the world and not have to hassle with a translator or being lost in a strange place. However, this could also be used in international business, or maybe just to meet someone new in another country.

The earphones work in conjunction with an app, but it works offline so you don’t have to worry about international data or roaming charges.

Technology like this really seems like science fiction. People have been bound by language for centuries, and it looks like those barriers will soon be broken down by this tiny little device.


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