Grow Gross Tomato Seedlings

You can turn those ripe tomatoes into seedlings

Gardening hack
Every time we buy tomatoes in grocery store, but sometimes I only eat a bit of it and completely forget about the rest, and they have over ripe beyond their prime. If you have same experience as mine, you’ll know how the tomatoes taste! and the result is to dump them all in trash can. From now on, you don’t have to feel guilty because you can have a far better alternative to throwing them away! — Plant Them!

Yes, you can turn those ripe tomatoes into seedlings and actually grow entirely new tomatoes! Youtuber The Wannabe Homesteader shares a unbelievable way on how we can grow our own tomatoes using a pot, some soil, and that old tomato. All you need to do is cut the tomato into quarter-inch thick slices and then place them on pot of compost. Cover them up with some potting soil and water them periodically. Within one to two weeks, you’ll have dozens of new tomato seedlings!

The Wannabe Homesteader shows how it is possible to start seedlings from a gross tomato in a pot. Just watch…


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