25 Photos Of Women Whose Pastels Are On Point

Whatever the case, just know you look hot

Enjoy the beauty of the day
1. Fashion is too rarely fun.

2. There are so many rules: wear black, keep it minimal, dress “like an adult.”

3. And you look great! You do.

4. Exceedingly elegant, in fact.

5. But what if you’d rather keep things light?

6. “Add a pop of color,” they say. “Just don’t go all out.”

7. But you know, you’ve been so good this year, and you deserve to let a little loose.

8. So if you need a style pick-me-up…

9. (…rules be damned…)

10. …then forget basic black for a minute.

11. (And don’t give us that look; it’ll still be there tomorrow.)

12. Embrace your silly side with bags that look like telephones…

13. …and big ol’ kisses, too.

14. Or bags that look like bags but you’re still not sure they’re real.

15. Or even tutus! Did we mention tutus?

16. Enjoy the beauty of the day…

17. …or quality time with friends…

18. …or a big bunch of flowers…

19. …or a balloonicorn, for heaven’s sake!

20. Or maybe, just savor a really great smile.

21. There.

22. Doesn’t that feel better?

23. And are you channeling your inner movie star today?

24. Whatever the case, just know you look hot.

25. You’re gonna shine no matter what.


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