Married at First Sight Reunion Recap: Couples Accuse Each Other of Infidelity, Bullying, and More

It turned out that love was not in the air this season

The drama was not limited to divorce
Married at First Sight's Jessica Castro has filed an order of protection against husband Ryan De Nino.

The results are in for Married at First Sight! The second season of the controversial social experiment concluded on Tuesday, June 16, with a two-hour reunion that checked in on the status of the three couples -- Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar, Ryan De Nino andJessica Castro, and Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen. The pairs were matched together by Dr. Joseph Cilona, Dr. Logan Levkoff, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Greg Epstein.

It turned out that love was not in the air this season as all three couples, who met only seconds before marrying each other, announced at the reunion that they have decided to split. The drama was not limited to divorce, though, as the pairs fought over infidelity, distance, and bullying. How exactly did it all go down with each couple? Read on to find out.

Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar

The reunion kicked off with Sean and Davina, the only couple who had already decided to divorce at the six-week mark of their marriage. Things started off ominously for the couple as the wedding picture of them that decorated the set kept falling off the wall. Was it a sign from the universe about how the night was going to go for the two of them?

Probably, as Davina and Sean were barely civil to one another throughout the reunion. Sean accused Davina of being a bully who demanded that he do exactly as she says, while Davina claimed that Sean came into the experiment with impure intentions and that he was fake throughout the process. The experts were furious with Davina for calling them out on their potential credibility, and asked her to own up to her contributions to the failure of her arranged marriage.

Davina Kullar and Sean Varricchio

“The experiment didn’t fail you, you failed the experiment!” Dr. Levkoff exclaimed when the couple admitted that they spent only 10 days together throughout their marriage. Sean and Davina both agreed that they possibly could have tried harder, but were ready to cut their losses and move on.

Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro

After Sean and Davina, the reunion moved on to Ryan and Jessica, the couple that has sparked the highest amount of media interest in light of Jessica recently filing a restraining order against her husband. Unsurprisingly, the couple announced right away that they were no longer together.

Things immediately became tense as the couple argued over the many reasons why it didn’t work out for the two of them. First, Jessica revealed that shortly after the six-week mark of their marriage, Ryan began an affair with another woman. It escalated to the point where Ryan even decided to spend Valentine’s Day with his mistress instead of his wife! Ryan was unhappy with the accusations and asked for a break from host Kevin Frazier. Kevin was unwilling to let him leave the set and that somehow sparked Ryan to accuse Jessica of destroying highly personal items of his out of rage, an accusation Jessica admitted had some basis in truth!

At this point, Dr. Schwartz claimed that the experts decided to match the two because they both had a “sweetness” in them, and yet their interactions continued to go to a sour place as finances were brought up. The infamous $100 bill that Ryan took from their joint wedding fund
was discussed. Jessica remained furious with him for spending their shared money without first consulting her, and Ryan remained enraged because he thought it wasn’t that grievious an error. Things escalated to the point where Jessica dropped a Benjamin in his lap, saying that she was fine with giving it to him because “he needed the money more than” her! Ryan took the money before he stormed off the set.

The experts were horrified by both Jessica and Ryan, and wondered why they couldn’t communicate effectively with one another, relying instead on cheap provocations and screaming matches. Jessica said that this marriage may have worked if they could have talked to one another, but that it clearly wasn’t happening, and divorce had become the only option for the two of them.

Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen

The reunion concluded by checking in with the season’s fan-favorite couple, Ryan and Jaclyn. To the experts’ chagrin, Jaclyn and Ryan announced that they, too, have decided to split after six months together. It turned out that Ryan wasn’t ready to fully commit to Jaclyn, especially when it meant leaving his mother and niece behind.

Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone

While Jaclyn described her hurt feelings over the lack of heart Ryan put into the marriage, the experts begged her to consider giving him a second chance. Even the host got in the action, as Kevin told her that marriage was about “the long haul” instead of the short term. Jaclyn seemed less than enthused to giving it another go, but eventually acquiesced to considering the possibility. Maybe there’s hope for love this season after all?


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