How To Get Six Pack Abs Without Leaving Your Couch

There are many ways how to get six pack abs

Battle with negativity
Many of us are dying to reveal our six pack abs, but we are fooled into believing the gym is the only solution. Not everyone is ready to commit their time, cough up costly membership fees or battle with negativity from body comparison.

In truth, there are many ways how to get six pack abs, and most surprising, this one doesn’t even ask you to stray from the couch!
Key Benefits of Couch-Based Ab Exercises
  • No more excuses – easily performed anytime, at home or even while traveling
  • Fast Workout – once you know the routine, you will have this workout finished in 5 minutes flat!
  • No specialist equipment – all you need is you, your couch and a little sweat
  • Reduced risk of injuries – no need to lift heavy weights or machines that put strain or your joints
  • Builds abs of steel – all movements primarily focus on targeting your abdominal muscles
Ready to see this workout in action? Check out this brief instruction video by!
The Workout SummaryRepeat the following cycle 2-3 times, resting for 1-2 minutes between each cycle:
(20 repetitions)

– Knee Ups
– Leg Raises
– Cycles

REST for 10-20 seconds
– Reverse Crunch
– Leg on Couch Crunches
– Vertical Hip Thrusts

REST 10-20 seconds
(10 repetitions per side)
– Cross Crunch
– Reach and Touch
– Cross Leg Reverse Crunch

How to Get Six Pack Abs:

Additional TipsKey Point: To achieve a six pack you must already have a flat stomach. If you still have a little belly, you must focus on losing weight through diet in conjunction with this routine.
  • For best effects, perform this routine 3-5 times per week.
  • If this routine becomes easy: switch to a single cycle and take each exercise to 1-2 reps before failure.
  • Further progression is achieved by pushing yourself further every week, one rep at a time.


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