The 10 most important things in the world right now

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The most important news
1. The European Central Bank said it was not sure if Greek banks would be able to open Monday, as residents have been withdrawing money from their accounts at an unprecedented rate.

2. Police arrested the suspected gunman in the fatal shooting of nine people at a historic black church in South Carolina on Wednesday, 21-year-old Dylan Roof.

3. The United States and Europe are preparing a new round of sanctions against Russia, which could start with banning more Russian government officials and businessmen from travelling and doing business in the West.

4. Hong Kong lawmakers vetoed a Beijing-backed electoral reform package that would have allowed residents to directly vote for the city's next chief executive in 2017, but only from candidates picked by a pro-Beijing committee.

5. Russia's ambassador to Sweden has warned the country of the potential military "consequences" associated with joining NATO.

6. Denmark’s first female prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lost the general election to the centre-right opposition.

7. Last month was the hottest May on record, with global air and sea surface temperatures 0.87 Celsius (1.57 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than the 20th century average.

8. Thailand confirmed its first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus since the May outbreak in South Korea, which has killed 23 people.

9. An oil tanker that was hijacked off the southeast coast of Malaysia last week has been released by pirates.

10. The world's oldest-known person, a woman in Michigan, died at age 116.

And finally ...

Scientists discovered a fist-sized pink octopus that is so cute they may call it "Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis."


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