12 strange photos that will make you look twice

There’s still nothing like a good-ol’ photograph taken at just the right angle

Some truly unbelievable scenarios
Sometimes, your brain just doesn’t believe what your eyes are seeing. When that happens what’s occurring is commonly known as a optical illusion. While Photoshop has made it easy to manipulate images, there’s still nothing like a good-ol’ photograph taken at just the right angle to deceive your mind and create an alt-reality. Check out the images ahead to see some truly unbelievable scenarios - and get answers to what’s actually occurring.

While it appears this boy is walking on air, he is actually mid-jump, falling into the Dnipro river in Kiev.

German street performer Johan Lorbeer deceives his audience that he's floating in mid-air, but this stunt involves a fake arm.

Disembodied heads float above their respective bodies, captured by a water-proof camera half-way submerged.

Dog or man? This Great Dane covers his owner's face at a dog show in Birmingham.

This man's body seemingly disappears as he stands between the "Mirrors of Invisibility" on display at the Hong Kong Science Museum.

If you look closely enough, you'll see Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist known as "the invisible man" blending in with this wall of comics.


A dining room set fit for a giant is displayed at Metropolitan Arts Centre in Belfast.

Soccer player Mathieu Valbuena is actually a very normal height of 5' 4" - however this image creates the visual illusion of a much smaller Mathieu.

Is it a bird? Nope, it's a radio-controlled Superman plane manufactured by Otto Dieffenbach.

These vans parked outside the Nissan Motor Co in Yokosuka look like paper origami from this angle.

These active characters aren't balancing on edges of ice, but simply working out on the the world's largest 3D painting, at Canary Wharf in London.

This seemingly headless Philadelphia baseball player was just hit by a pitch made by the opposing team, here he ducks from the force.


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