18 hilarious dad fails

Nothing of leaving dad's children alone?

Super Dads!
1. The dad who thought nothing of leaving his children alone to play with the geese

2. This dad, who got his kid’s packed lunch all wrong

3. This dad, who was asked ‘to pack a bag for his daughter’

4. This dad, who left his kid alone for just one minute…

5. This dad, who should know that you never leave a girl alone with cake

6. This dad, who’s stolen his daughter’s hair extensions

7. The dad who thought getting a onesie on would be easy

8. The dad who got lazy

9. This dad, who’s going to have to get the hoover out

10. This dad, who fancied himself a hairdresser

11. This dad, who isn’t very good with dates…

12. The dad who left his kids alone with the paint

13. The dad who took everything too literally

14. The dad who’s taking ‘heavy lifting’ to a whole new level…

15. The dad who couldn’t resist a photobomb – on his daughter’s prom day

16. The dad who thinks he’s creative…

17. The dad who just wanted to see the darn clothes

18. The dad who wouldn’t take a break


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