These Five Baby Birds Are Like Sweet Peas In A Pod

They’ll be calling themselves “pretty birds” soon enough

They’re all very polite little birds
Being a sweet baby bird sounds like a pretty hard life: People are always making demands of you, like “say hello!” or “be sweet!” And when they aren’t giving you demanding orders, they’re trying to pet you, or, even worse, they’re trying to feed you! What a life, right?

The video begins with the “five peas” standing on top of a cute plush peapod toy. They’re all very polite little birds, and four out of the five seem to enjoy scratches. Only the little blue one on the far left seems to be grumpy at the prospect of a head scratch — his reaction is certainly a bit different than his brothers’ and sisters’!

While these cute baby birds aren’t learning to speak just yet like our good friend Disco the Parakeet, we’re sure they’ll be calling themselves “pretty birds” soon enough. Even though they were all flying around earlier, whenever the camera turns on they all show their best behavior for the over 5 million people who have watched their adorable video.

So while it may be difficult to be such an adorable little bird, we have to say that they’ve done a pretty fantastic job at it — and, I have to say, I love how they all seem to have their own unique personalities.


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