Talented Beatboxer

She’s Just A Baby, But With The Help Of Her Dad, She Turns Into A Talented Beatboxer

Father loves his baby girl with all his heart
When it comes to sounds, you’re normally not likely to get anything to come out of a baby that isn’t giggling, crying, or cooing. But one dad helped take his 7-month-old daughters little noises to the next level. With just a little assistance from her daddy, this cutie-pie went from being an adorable infant to a talented beatboxer in mere seconds!

Beatboxing, or the art of creating percussion sounds using only your mouth. This singer does a really great job of it while performing a vintage cover of a popular song, but getting that good takes years of practice…unless you have an awesome parent willing to help you out before you’re even old enough to talk, that is. Believe it or not, though, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a baby beatboxer. One dad decided to turn all his son’s random noises into a catchy beat with the help of some skillful editing. It turned out completely awesome, but since this little girl can work her skills in real time, I think she’d have him beat if these two cuties were to go head-to-head in a baby beatboxing competition!

I’m such a sucker for seeing sweet daddy-daughter moments like this one. It’s so clear that this proud father loves his baby girl with all his heart. He’s even named their duo: “The Drool and Spit Squad!” I can only hope we get to see more adorable videos like this from these two as this cute baby grows up. Who knows? Maybe one day, they’ll record an album together!


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