20 Life Hacks Your Dad Doesn’t Know He Needs

It will help you getting things done quickly

Few ideas for dads
These Life Hacks Your Dad Doesn’t Know He Needs. A life hack is a brilliant trick or method that will help you getting things done quickly, making some aspects of daily life easier. On the special day of passed Father’s day, we are collecting a few ideas for dads to making things a bit easier the big guy may have never though of.

Game changer right here.

Wrap a wet paper towel around a glass bottle and put it in the freezer, it will cool in 2 minutes

Put a dry tea bag to get rid of unpleasant of ours.

Use clothes pin to hold the nail while hamming.

Cover up scratches in wood furniture and floors by rubbing the meat of a walnut into the scratch.

Homemade treats are the best.

Keep garden tools organized with an old pallet.

An assortment of tape all in one place, with a convenient cutter.

Use AAA batteries instead of AA batteries by filling the gap of aluminum foil.

Power scrub like a boss for anything!

Toilet paper tubes round up loose cables nicely.


It’s a ‘Dad’ kitchen job if there ever was one.

So easy, even Dad can do it via Life H4acks.

An ideal tip to get those stubborn logs lit.

When the gutters are clean, it will be time to celebrate.

Cleaning the gutters is the worst.

Use the lines on a red solo cup to measure serving sizes.

Coil your belt to make it into a form for your shirt collars.

It might not happen often, but he’ll be glad to know this trick when it does.

Keep your doorknobs clean when painting.

Nobody enjoys cleaning up from painting.


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