"See-through" safety trucks allow the drivers see the road ahead

It is often risky to try to pass trucks

New truck aims to help drivers
Every driver hates getting stuck in traffic behind a bus or truck. To make matters worse, it is often risky to try to pass them since you don’t have a very clear view of what’s ahead. In a single-lane highway, the maneuver is even more dangerous. In order to reduce accidents, a new truck aims to help drivers in situations like these.

Developed by Samsung in Argentina – where one person dies in a traffic accident nearly every hour – the “Safety Truck” attempts to reduce accidents on the roads by showing what’s ahead on a huge screen on the back of the truck.

Images are captured by a camera on the front of the vehicle and transmitted on four monitors installed in the back of the truck. “The monitors give drivers behind the truck a view of what is going on ahead, even in the dark of night,” the company said on their website.

Samsung Safety Truck is a partnership held between Samsung and the Argentine brand Ingematica. The idea promotes a safer life on the roads, making overtaking easier and avoiding setbacks such as sudden braking and running over animals. Samsung has tested a prototype of the truck, but the vehicle is not yet ready for the roads. But the company ensured that the technology works and can save many lives.


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