Outrageous style mistakes we all made in the 80s!

How many of the 80s style mistakes are you guilty of?

Some style choices
The 80s brought us a lot of great things – The Golden Girls, Blackadder, and Michael Jackson’s ‘moonwalk’, to name just a few – but it was also the decade of some style choices that have us hiding behind our hands just thinking about them! Come on, admit it, we’ve all got a picture of us somewhere wearing at least one of these 80s style mistakes…


Famed for playing the fashionable Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City, Sarah Jessica Parker threw herself headfirst (literally) into the 80s trend for big perms. That is some scary hair!

Leg warmers

These are no ordinary leg warmers. These are KNITTED leg warmers. They may keep you warm in the winter but they are still a first class fashion crime.

Shoulder pads

Check out the array of shoulder pad styles going on here! Now we’re all for power dressing – but there’s only so much ‘shoulder’ one needs in an outfit before it becomes…too much.

Mini skirts and footless tights

Madonna was a total fashion icon in the 80s – but even she made some major style mistakes!

Big (and we mean really huge) neon plastic earrings

Now, we’ve got nothing against a few choice neon items – especially on the beach – and oversized earrings are definitely coming back this year, but when you combine these elements with plastic to make an 80s accessory, it’s a fashion disaster.

Shell suits

The Shell Suit. Also known as fitness gear gone horribly wrong. How many of these did you own? We had at least two and we reckon they’re languishing somewhere in the attic right now…

High side ponytails (will these ever make a comeback?)

One of Madonna’s favourite styles when teamed with a giant bow or silk scarf, wearing our hair at a jaunty angle made us feel carefree and cool. Not so much looking back at the photos…but good memories all the same!


Even Heather Locklear struggles to make this sweatband look stylish. Plus, we seriously doubt that it’s actually going to protect one strand of her perfectly blow-dried blonde locks from sweat. Need we say more?

Feathered Mullets

Here, Cher perfectly demonstrates why this was possibly one of the worst hairstyle ideas ever.

How many of the above 80s style mistakes are you guilty of?


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