Sarah Stage Defends Instagram Post-Baby Bikini Pics

Instagram celebrity Sarah Stage was forced to deny her pics are Photoshopped

They're Not Photoshopped
No filter here, people! Fit model Sarah Stage is used to defending her figure, especially since Instagram users and social media at large slammed her for having suspiciously toned abs at nine-months pregnant. However, the 30-year-old's cyberbullying hasn't stopped since she gave birth to son, James Henry, in April. It's actually gotten worse.

Posting a sweet candid snap of herself lounging poolside with baby James, Stage was forced to defend herself to the haters yet again on Sunday, June 28. "I can't believe he's already 16lbs!" the new mom innocently captioned her latest Instagram photo, which featured James on her chest.

Thanks to eagle-eyed Instagrammers, an imperfection in the image — a bump that appeared on her left leg — led fans to sling mud. "Photoshop! What is that above your leg!!!" user @anthipr wondered.

"What is that large bump on your upper thigh? You should have it looked at!" @elizabethkapela chimed in.

Fed up with the angry feedback, Stage re-posted the same image a day later with her feisty response. "When you're sharing a pic of a relaxing pool day with your son and people are concerned with your thigh shadow/pudge/skin," she captioned the photo. "He's pushing on my thigh, not that serious," she added later.

Other women, including fellow models and photo editors, were quick to come to the new mom's defense. "I use photoshop for a living, nothing in this picture is photoshopped," @leemarie1214 wrote in. "The baby's toes are pulling at her skin giving it a different texture/color change. Stop hating on this woman please."


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