The debate about men's shorts is over — here's why you probably lost

A pair of shorts should be trim and devoid of unnecessary pockets

Trimmer shorts are more on-trend
Guy in the cargo shorts with the many empty pockets. Guy in the board shorts with the flower print. Guy in the too long shorts that hit below the knee. I see you. And I want to tell you that the debate about men's shorts is over, and you've lost.

"Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of my male clients more than devising a summer wardrobe," says Jessica Cadmus, founder of the Wardrobe Whisperer. She curates closets for some of the most high powered men and women on Wall Street and beyond.

"At the beginning of the season, I removed all types of atrocities in the form of bad shorts from my clients' drawers and closets. Let us no longer debate what is acceptable."

Indeed, let us not. Men's shorts have evolved beyond a mere utility or an after-thought. They've moved into the territory of taste. Now a pair of shorts should be trim and devoid of unnecessary pockets. Additionally, men should feel free to cop a pair with some color or a print.

We're telling you this not just because trimmer shorts are more on-trend, but because they'll look better on you.

"Trim shorts, i.e. shorts that fit close to the body but are not tight, are a good choice for all body types because they create a clean visual line," says Cadmus.

"The absence of side pockets aids in this effect by trimming out unnecessary bulk. In the same vein, this is why I generally prefer shorts and trousers sans pleats. It's never good to look like you have saddle bags or are wearing a diaper and that's what shorts do when they are baggy, laden with pockets, or heavily pleated."

With that in mind, here are a few of Cadmus' picks.

For the guy who's trying to stay inside the box.Even the most conventional guys can get behind rag & bone's Standard Issue Shorts. This color's Army.

For the guy who wants to look dressed up but feel casual.The entire point of these shorts is that they look dressy, but they're light weight, linen and super comfortable. Pick them up from John Varvatos.

For the guy who's not afraid of a little print.Usually men who aren't intimidated by print are already on the right side of shorts history. However, just in case you're feeling brave, check out this pair from Reiss.

For the guy who gets what summer is for.Summer is for kicking it in bright colors and doing whatever you want. If that's not the vibe you get from these shorts from Lemlem then maybe you're more of a winter person.

We'll probably write another shorts post soon to remind you of all of this. It's worth repeating. Alright guys, over and out.


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