Take A Tour Of The Most Expensive Hotel Suite In New York City

The Ty Warner Penthouse on top of the Four Seasons Hotel New York

Designed by architects Ieoh Ming Pei and Peter Marino
They say that money can’t buy happiness, but what it can buy you is bedsheets of gold in the most expensive hotel room in New York City.

Wall Street Journal Live got an insider’s tour of New York’s swankiest penthouse suite, and the price tag is staggering. The Ty Warner Penthouse on top of the Four Seasons Hotel New York — designed by architects Ieoh Ming Pei (designer of the glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum) and Peter Marino (designer of boutique retail spaces for designers like Louis Vuitton) — boasts 360-degree views of the city from its floor-length wraparound windows 700 feet above the city’s streets. But it’ll cost you…$45,000 a night (“plus tax,” added a desk attendant).

According to Slate, the perks of this expensive pillow are a personal butler, an included on-demand Rolls-Royce chauffeur, and a luxe $65,000 bed that is literally woven with 22-karat gold. The suite also has four glass balconies and a library with a Bösendorfer grand piano, because of course it does. But those aren’t even the room’s most lavish fixtures.

“Most of our guests who come to the penthouse are repeat customers,” says asset manager Linda Aslanian. “Sometimes they stay for one week, and sometimes they feel so comfortable that they stay for a whole month.” Before taxes, a full month in the penthouse (before taxes) would amount to more than $1.3 million.


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