Pug Loves To Ride The Carousel With His Little Humans

This pug has no reason to not take a spin

Rolling in the smoking hot red car
When this funny pug is not going for walks and playing fetch, he enjoys riding the carousel with his human pals in the park.

In the following video, which was filmed in Thailand, it looks like it’s just children enjoying the ride. But at :08, the pug comes into view, rolling in his smoking hot red car. The dog is so chill and calm, as he just hangs out and enjoys the ride. He goes for a couple spins around and looks like he’s having the best afternoon ever. He looks like he’s so comfortable and relaxed.

I’ve seen dogs on swings, but I’ve never seen one riding a carousel like this pug! This cute pug is just like a little kid. When the ride stops, the pug looks back, almost as if to say, “Aww! That’s it?! Let’s go again!” Dogs are just the best.

Looks like he has found a great way to spend time with his friends, just like this cute pug who loves to go on motorcycle rides.
Hopefully this brings a smile to your face like it did mine. Trust me, you have to see this video. You don’t want to miss this!


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