You Will Never Be As Stylish As These Two 2-Year-Old BFF Models

Ava Foley and Ever Soutas striking a pose

Just call them Kendall and Gigi!
These two 2-year-old models named Everleigh "Ever" Soutas and Ava Foley, known jointly as @foreverandforava, are just about the cutest little things on Instagram—even Lucy Hale agrees!

The Pretty Little Liars actress, 26, found the pint-sized BFFs—whose moms, Savannah Soutas and Michelle Foley, respectively, are best friends, too—via Instagram. Hale liked one ridiculously cute photo of the tots wearing matching crop tops and shorts printed with pineapples, followed their handle, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But of course, the love didn't start with the celeb! Ever and Ava have more than 100,000 people following their page, which contains 1,1047 posts, most of which boast more than 1,500 likes. And it all started because Soutas, a budding photographer, started taking pics of the girls for fun.

"People were going crazy over the photos that I took of them—they were such hams in front of the camera!" Savannah told Us. That's when the moms started taking the girls on model calls, which landed them gigs with the Kardashian Kids clothing collection and Guess.

But when Ever and Ava aren't modeling, they can be found taking dance or gymnastics classes together, or just hanging out. According to Soutas, "Even when they aren't together, they always have to FaceTime to make sure that they are still wearing matching clothes."
So basically, #SquadGoals. Scroll down to see the girls working their little tushes off in the cutest little clothes!


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