He Builds His Dogs A Luxurious Doghouse

That’s More High-Tech Than Some Human Houses

Dogs are kicking back in miniature Taj Mahals
Sure, they might have four legs, a tail, and a furry body, but when it comes to dogs, it’s easy to forget they’re not humans. With their big hearts and colorful personalities, they often feel more like people than animals!

That’s why so many dog owners insist on giving their pups the absolute best. Whether it’s all-natural toys,homemade snacks, or life-saving medications, most owners will go to great lengths for their beloved pets.

But until today, I had no idea that luxurious dog condos were quickly gaining popularity! Gone are the days of a simple wooden doghouse with “Fido” painted across the doorway. Now, dogs are kicking back in miniature Taj Mahals — which is exactly what our pampered pups deserve!

However, no matter how opulent the doghouse, we all agree that dogs should never spend all of their time outdoors — especially in harsh temperatures or inclement weather.

But the house you’re about to see is so stunning, I wouldn’t mind moving in there myself!

When Michael decided to build his two precious pooches — GoGo and HeyHey — a new dog house, he knew he wanted it to be very special. So, he got to work! He started by erecting the walls.

After that, he began to assemble the solar panel roof.

This would be used to power all the amazing gadgets he had in store!

Next, he installed a dog food auto-dispenser.

Beside the dispenser, Michael installed a mini-fan to keep his pups nice and cool. He ran the cables for both devices beneath the floorboards of the doghouse, so GoGo and HeyHey couldn't get to them.

Since the food dispenser has a webcam, whenever he's away for a period of time, Michael can monitor his pups around the clock. He can also change the scheduled feeding times and the amount being dispensed.

With just a single flick, the dogs can fill their tummies with fresh, healthy food.

On top of the house, Michael mounted an IP camera.

Now, he could not only keep an eye on the inside of the doghouse, but the outside as well.

This camera can also be monitored and moved via his phone.

So, do GoGo and HeyHey approve of their new pad?

It seems like it! Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and monitored all day long, this is certainly one posh doghouse!

Would you like something like this for your favorite canines? Let us know what you think below!


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