People trying to keep cool during Europe's record heatwave

Great ideas to stay cool

Europe has been experiencing record temperatures
Countries around Europe have been experiencing record temperatures since the end of June. According to USA Today, Kitzingen — a small town in southern Germany — broke the German heat record set in 1983 and 2003 at a stifling 104.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph warns that Britain could face record-high temperatures (read: over 101 degrees Fahrenheit) at the end of July. From Spain to Zurich, citizens and visitors are being advised to take necessary precautions against the dangerous heat. Here's how people (and animals) are staying cooling in the blistering heat.

A crowd in central Brussels, Belgium busted out their super soakers for a huge water gun fight.

People flooded the shores of the Silbersee lake in Haltern, Germany to keep cool.

A young woman fanned herself while waiting for the tube on Britain's hottest July day in nine yeas.

A group of seniors at the Ter Biest house in Grimbergen, Belgium socialized while they soaked. The UN warned European nations that children and the elderly are at the highest risk during extreme temperatures.

At Square Louvois in Paris, France, children filled water bottles for drinking and dousing.

This outdoor pool in Frankfurt, Germany — where temperatures are clocking in at over 100 degrees — is a haven for locals.

These three avoided the heat by riding rafts down the Sihl river in Zurich, Switzerland.

Two British youngsters sought relief in a fountain in Nottingham.

Zoo-keepers in Rome, Italy gave animals icy treats to keep them cool. This orangutan seems very appreciative of his popsicle.

These two women made their own shade on the promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.

Also in Nice, young children skipped through the fountains to beat the heat. The 90 plus degree temperatures are supposedly due to hot air traveling north from Africa towards Western Europe.

This group used vines to catapult themselves into the Arga River in northern Spain as temperatures reached 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Weather stations throughout Spain are warning residents to be aware of potential wildfires caused by the dry heat.

A regular old hose fended off the heat at the Euskal Herria Zuzenean music festival in Mendionde, France.

This father-and-son duo in Nice, France skipped the boat and went fishing from a perch on the shore.


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